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ELAFLEX Ltd, established in 1987, is associated with Elaflex Hiby of Germany, and is the UK & Eire supplier of ZVA nozzles, nozzle spare parts and accessories, rubber flexible hoses, TW couplings, ERV expansion joints and MannTek Dry Disconnect Coupling for the petroleum, LPG and petrochemical industries.

Safety in your hands: As an engineering-based company with ISO 9001 accreditation, we have the technical resources to ensure that solutions provided to these two complex industries are always "state-of-the-art".

Fast & Eco-Friendly.
Nozzle for Screen Water Dispensing

Now available: The ZV SW nozzle. It is suitable for filling screen water from a dispenser. Durable and easy to use. More

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ZV SW Nozzle for Screen Water Dispensing

The non-automatic closing nozzle has a flow rate of 20 l/min. This allows a fast and clean filling of screen water tanks from a dispenser.  more

UNITI expo 2022

Elaflex Stand, focused on Future Fuels: H2, LNG, CNG and Hose Reels.  more

New Refuelling Products for Alternative Fuels

Elaflex has presented new technical refuelling solutions for H2, CNG and other fuels and fluids at the UNITI expo 2022 in Stuttgart. Some of our highlights.  more

LNG Refuelling Products - Reliable and Safe

We now provide well-developed components for a safe and easy-to-use LNG bus and truck refuelling.  more

High Quality Expansion Joints from Elaflex that perform and last for multiple applications

View or latest video for more details.  more

High Quality Performance Hoses from Elaflex that Last

View our latest video for more details.  more

Product Badges EK 145 for E10

E10 petrol set for September UK 2021 launch. For Elaflex ZVA nozzles Product Badges EK 145 can be marked with E10 and easily fitted.  more

New leaflet: Marine Liquid & Gas Handling Equipment

Compact information about our latest products and solutions for marine applications: expansion joints, hoses and couplings, hose reels and LNG solutions.  more

New in the Range: H2 Cover Hose for Hydrogen Refuelling

To support the user-friendly refuelling process of hydrogen-powered vehicles, ELAFLEX now offers the H2 Cover Hose.  more

Now available: Clamp Hose Couplings
'Tri Clamp'

to DIN 32676 with ferrules of stainless steel. Suitable in the food, chemical, cosmetic and pharmaceutical industries.  more

CNG Check Valves with O-Ring Face Seal 'ORFS'

Our daughter company Oasis Engineering now supplies CV300 Check Valves with O-ring Face Seal (ORFS).  more

New Configurator for OASIS Products

The CNG product range of our subsidiary OASIS Engineering Ltd can be now configured online.  more

IBC Connectors for Hazardous Fluids

Intermediate Bulk Containers (IBC) are used for the transfer and storage of different fluids. Elaflex provides several connection threads of stainless steel for a relaible and leak-free connection…  more

Workshop Posters - Revision 2020

Update of workshop posters for our nozzle spare parts. Now also available for Tools, ZVA AdBlue LV and
ZVA AdBlue HV.  more

Low Temperature Nozzle Types & Accessories

Since November 2019, LT accessories for ZVA 25 nozzles are also equipped with seals of red coloured Polyurethane LT compound.  more

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