IBC Connectors for Hazardous Fluids

Intermediate Bulk Containers (IBC) are used for the transfer and storage of different media. Elaflex provides several IBC drain connection threads of stainless steel for a relaible and leak-free connection of hose and container:

  • Female reducer RS S60 x 2" SS to G 2" male (ISO 228)
  • NEW: Female reducer RS S100 x 3" SS to G 3" male
  • Female hose couplings to EN 14420-5 MC 38-S60 SS (with Spannloc clamps) or
    MX 38-S60 SS (with Spannfix clamps)
  • Dry Disconnect Coupling DDC-V 50 S60 SS (tank unit)

Download: Elaflex Information 17.16