New Refuelling Products for Alternative Fuels

Elaflex has been involved in the handling of alternative and renewable fuels such as LPG, CNG, LNG as well as Biodiesel and Petrol with Ethanol or Methanol blends for decades. Already addressing todays challenges and ready for tomorrow, Elaflex has presented new technical refuelling solutions for H2, CNG and other fuels and fluids at the UNITI expo 2022 in Stuttgart. Some of our highlights:

H2 • Compressed Hydrogen

In the range of compressed hydrogen, ball and check valves as well as quick couplers up to 1" are now available. They are used for distribution, virtual pipelines to load or unload hydrogen trailers. Our equipment allows much higher flow rates than conventional H2 refuelling components. It is suitable for operating pressure of 350 bar (35 MPa).

H2 • Low-pressure Hydrogen

With the H2 hydrogen hoses for the low-pressure range, Elaflex supplies Ω/T connection hoses for the transfer up to 100% hydrogen. The continuous smooth inner lining enables a processing of hydrogen e.g. the chemical or steel industry. The robust hose construction with 20 bar (2 MPa) operating pressure has a very low permeation of < 0.36 Ncm³/h. The H2 hoses DN 13 - 50 are available with crimping ferrules, SPANNLOC or SPANNFIX clamps.

The ERV-H2+ rubber expansion joints are suitable for the transfer up to 100% hydrogen as well as for 100% methane or other mixtures, so-called 'Hythane'. Due to their low permeation, they can be used for any kind of piping systems in the industrial sector and for ships. The operating pressure is 25 bar (2,5 MPa).

CNG • Compressed Natural Gas

The well-known CNG Dispensing System is supplemented by our SB-CNG safety breaks. The light-weight design with soft bump stop of the SB-CNG protects the dispenser panels during operation and seperation in case of a drive-away incident. It is easily re-connectable after a breakaway event. The SB-CNG consists of a safety break SB-CNG FL for the Fill Line 'FL' and a safety break SB-CNG VL for the Vent Line 'VL'. The version SB-CNG VLFL 'EL' is suitable for hose assemblies with the same overall length.

LPG • Liquefied Petroleum Gas

LPG can also be mixed with DME, a liquid made of renewable raw materials. The ZVG 2 DME nozzle can be used with our EFL 16 hose assembly on the LPG dispenser. Another addition is the ZVG 2 K nozzle for J15 fill point connections (mainly Japan and Korea) conforming to ISO 19825 & JASO E208. Both types are suitable for refuelling of commercial and passenger vehicles for self-service.

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