Products & Services Elaflex Ltd

LPG: Nationwide Mobile Hose testing to UIS 2 (formerly COP24). Annual tanker testing and hose inspection, meter proving / calibration and certification. The work can be at your site with the minimum of downtime by our qualified and certified technicians.

MannTek: Approved service and repair centre. Sales and distribution for all MannTek Dry Disconnect and Safety Break Units. Contact us for friendly advice.

Nozzle service, repair testing for GasGuard, Elaflex, ZVA’s and more.

Aviation: Hose awareness training of aircraft refuelling hoses covering critical elements, Do’s & Don’ts, Safety in use, Clamp type safety couplings, packing and storage based on JIG, ISO 1829, EI 1529.

Reeling Hoses. Cost saving documented G, ISO 1829, EI 1529.inspection program for your road tanker fleet.