New in the Range: H2 Cover Hose for Hydrogen Refuelling

Alternative fuels such as hydrogen are a key element in tomorrow's mobility to reduce CO2 emissions. The hydrogen filling station network is growing.

To support the user-friendly refuelling process of hydrogen-powered vehicles, ELAFLEX now offers the H2 Cover Hose for a safe and ergonomic handling of the hydrogen refuelling.

The H2 Cover Hose protects the refuelling equipment against outer influences and prevents a direct contact to cold or iced-up components. The handling is therefore comparable to conventional car or truck refuelling at petrol station forecourts.

Elaflex supplies the hydrogen H2 Cover Hose in fitted lengths with corrosion resistant couplings and wear-proof swivels. Part no.: CH-H2 38

Further technical details, please refer to Elaflex Information 1.20.