Daughter and Sister Companies

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Måttbandsvägen 12
187 66 Täby

Tel.: +46 8 980 130
Fax: +46 8 980 134
E-Mail: info@elaflex.se

ELAFLEX AB (Täby/Sweden) is a daughter company of the ELAFLEX group.

The company serves the Swedish and Baltic market and offers the complete ELAFLEX product range: nozzles, hoses, couplings and flexible expansion joints for the transfer of petroleum and chemical liquids as well as sensitive media.
Main activities are petrol station equipment including nozzles, hose assemblies and vapour recovery accessories.
Further, ELAFLEX AB is the official FAUDI distributor for Sweden, Finland and the Baltic States supplying filter vessels, filtration equipment and sensor technologies for the aircraft and diesel refuelling segments.


50 Rue des Chardonnerets,
Lot Nº 3
93290 Tremblay en France

Tel.: +33 (0) 1 41 84 06 22
Fax: +33 (0) 1 48 63 21 92
E-Mail: info@elaflex.fr

ELAFLEX FRANCE SARL (Tremblay/France) is a daughter company of the ELAFLEX group.
The company serves the French market and offers the complete Elaflex product range: nozzles, hoses, couplings and flexible expansion joints for the transfer of petroleum and chemical liquids as well as sensitive media

  • Industrial and aviation product range (SAT and ERV)-
    The industrial branch distributes all petroleum hose types, chemical hoses (Yellow Band, Polypal Plus, Elaflon, Tecnopal, UTS, FEP etc.), hose couplings, ZVF aviation overwing nozzles and rubber expansion joints (all media, diameters from DN 32 to DN 1000). We also specialize in Dry Disconnect Couplings (DDC) from MannTek and Composite Hoses from Dantec.
    Since November 2015, Elaflex France is the sole distributor for ALJAC Products in France, including Eaton Carter© products.
  • Products for service stations (EHT) -
    The Service Station Equipment branch gathers all petrol pumps hoses (Slimline and COAX) and delivery nozzles (ZVA Slimline 2, ZVA 25, ZVA 32, ZVA Slimline 2 GR) and their accessories. These are used in most stations all over Europe.


Via Industriale 28
25086 Rezzato (BS)

Tel.: +39 030 24 96 100
Fax: +39 030 24 96 180
E-Mail: info@elaflex.it

ELAFLEX ITALIA S.R.L. (Brescia/Italy) is a daughter company of the ELAFLEX group.
Our target is to offer a fast and reliable service for Italy, Northern Africa, the region of former Yugoslavia and Greece.

ELAFLEX is a specialist company in safe connections for the transfer of dangerous goods and sensitive fluids. High quality and long lasting products, a widespread distribution net and a customer oriented after-sales service are our company’s strength.
ELAFLEX ITALIA S.R.L. added value is represented by the experience gained in this sector throughout the years. Our streamlined, solid organisation enables us to establish a dialogue with our customers and take on the role of a true partner, making our skills and knowledge available to develop together the best solution.

We offer the full Elaflex product range, e.g. the world renown ZVA nozzles, rubber and composite hoses, fittings and rubber expansion joints. Additionally, we distribute MannTek couplings and Eaton's Carter® aviation nozzles - for some years now we have been appointed sole distributors of Eaton's Carter® products for the Italian market. From 2016 we are also distributor of Aljac products. Also part of the product guide Hose Reels and Hose Trolleys, since 2019.
Thanks to our experience and the cooperation with trusted companies, we are in the position to find complementary products such as hose reels on the market to offer to our customers a full package. Our commitment to keep high quality and high safety standards, as we have been doing since 1986, will be maintained also in the years to come.


Riverside House
Plumpton Road
Hoddesdon, Herts EN11 0PA
Great Britain

Tel.: +44 1992 45 29 50
Fax: +44 1992 45 29 11
E-Mail: sales@elaflex.co.uk

ELAFLEX Ltd (Hoddesdon/United Kingdom): We offer the complete ELAFLEX product range with a fast and reliable service for the UK and Irish market.

Main activities are petrol station equipment including nozzles, hose assemblies and vapour recovery accessories:

  • ZVA Slimline 2 nozzles
  • ZVA 25 High Flow nozzles
  • ZVA Slimline 2 GR series Stage II vapour recovery nozzles
  • SSB 16 Elaflex Safety Swivel Breaks
  • ZVA spare parts and accessories, splash guards
  • ELAFLEX Slimline petrol pump hoses to EN 1360, lightweight and extremely flexible
  • ELAFLEX COAX vapour recovery hose, CSB 21 Elaflex Coax Safety Break
  • LPG nozzles, hoses and safety break couplings

Please contact us for literature, prices or other information.


Merksemsesteenweg 192
2100 Deurne (Antwerp)

Tel.: +32 3 32 80 420
Fax: +32 3 32 43 740
E-Mail: info@elaflex.be

ELAFLEX NV (Antwerpen/Belgium): As one of the best performing companies in the sector we serve the Belgian market with ELAFLEX high quality rubber hoses, couplings, nozzles and rubber expansion joints.
The large product range is complemented with with steel, composite and plastic hoses from other manufacturers.

Further, ELAFLEX NV has its own manufacturing workshops with facilities for welding, laithing, automatic sewing and hydraulic clamping for the production of hose lines with non-reattachable fittings and custom made fluid handling products.


Strandvägen 16
54231 Mariestad

Tel.: +46 501 39 32 00
Fax: +46 501 39 32 09
E-Mail: sales@manntek.se

MANN TEKNIK AB (Mariestad/Sweden): "MannTek" is a renown manufacturer of couplings and fittings for the safe handling of hazardous media, for the chemical and petrochemical industry.

Main products are DDC (Dry Disconnect Couplings) for spill-free handling of liquids.

Other products: DAC (Dry Aviation Couplings), DGC (Dry Gas Couplings), DCC (Dry Cryogenic Couplings), SBC (Safety Breakaway Couplings), FFBV (Full Flow Ball Valves) and Swivel Joints.
Further, MannTek offers various speciality products - such as sampling units and de-icing couplings for airports, as well as complete bunkering systems for LNG and other cryogenic media.


Tarran Way,
Moreton, Wirral CH46 4TL
Great Britain

Tel.: +44 151 678 2222
Fax: +44 151 606 0188
E-Mail: sales@dantec.com

DANTEC LTD (Wirral/Great Britain) is a world leader in composite hose technology, applying more than 40 years manufacturing and technical excellence to deliver solutions to a global distribution and support network spread across more than 50 countries.

Dantec is renowned for having the ultimate range of fire safe and durable composite hose solutions. Our innovative products cover all types of bespoke Petrochemical, Marine and Industrial applications including fluid transfer of petroleum and chemicals, cryogenic hose for liquid gas transfer, fluoropolymer hose for the transfer of aggressive acids, biofuels, vapour hose for hydrocarbon products and special construction hose.

Video: Composite Hose Manufacturer

Aljac Fuelling Components Ltd

Unit 1A, Watchmoor Point
Surrey GU15 3AD
Great Britain

Tel: +44 1932 269869
E-Mail: sales@aljac.com

Aljac GmbH

Schnackenburgallee 121
22525 Hamburg

Tel: +49 40 6908 4116
E-Mail: info@aljac.de

ALJAC is a specialist supplier of safe and innovative aviation refuelling systems and equipment. Its product range is one of the widest in the aviation refuelling industry and is underpinned by premium quality branded products from internationally respected manufacturers, and by a wide range of its own products.

Aljac delivers to worldwide locations from its main UK warehouse and their subsidiary in Germany, with both stock-holding locations offering the same high standards.


Hofstr. 10
57076 Siegen

Tel: +49 271 48964-0
E-Mail: sgb@sgb.de

SGB GmbH is a globally recognised specialist for innovative leak prevention technology. SGB leak detectors are used for monitoring any double-walled tanks and
pipes for leaks. They protect the environment sustainably. In addition to standardised solutions, tailor-made solutions are also
developed for tank farms and petrol stations. The product range includes more than 50 types with more than 100 variations.

SGB was founded in 1962 with its headquarter in Siegen (Germany). They supply its customers worldwide.

ditec Group

An der Staustufe 6
97318 Kitzingen

Tel: +49 9321 2307-0
E-Mail: info@ditec-adam.de

ditec Dichtungstechnik GmbH (Kitzingen/Germany) is your partner, manufacturer and problem solver when it comes to expansion joint.

Founded in 1973, since then ditec has been a manufacturer of expansion joints for a wide variety of markets, industries and requirements.

The success lies in the interaction of many years of experience of a family-run company, combined with innovative production processes.

We produce 100% of our expansion joints where they are also developed: at our headquarters in Kitzingen.

On an area of 17,600 square meters, we have production facilities specializing in the manufacture of rubber and fabric expansion joints and the entire workflow from the initial idea to the delivery of the products. All this including own mold making, own calendering plant and own vulcanization autoclaves. A directly affiliated metal construction company for the production of expansion joint accessories such as flanges, support rings and baffles offers our customers and us additional flexibility.

ELAFLEX Yakıt İletim Ürünleri Ltd. Şti.

42 Maslak Plaza
Ahi Evran Street No:6
A Block, Floor 8, Door: 11
34485 Maslak - Sarıyer
İstanbul / Turkey

Office Phone: +90 212 974 1020
Office Fax: +90 212 974 1030
German Office: +49 40 540005 - 1328
Mobile: +90 532 4243373

ELAFLEX YAKIT İLETİM ÜRÜNLERİ LTD.ŞTİ. (Istanbul/Turkey) is a daughter company of ELAFLEX Group with headquarters in Hamburg, Germany.
The company was established in the year 2017 in order to serve the market in Turkey.

ELAFLEX Turkey commercializes the complete Elaflex product range, through its office based in İstanbul and certified distributors.


7050 Village Drive, Suite C
Buena Park, CA 90621
United States

Tel.:  +1 888 472 7444
E-Mail: info@elaflexus.com

ELAFLEX US (Buena Park, CA, USA) is a daughter company of the ELAFLEX group, founded in February 2023.

The company serves the U.S. and Canadian market and offers the Elaflex product range of nozzles, hoses, couplings, expansion joints and hose reels for the transfer of conventional, renewable, and alternative liquids and gases.
In the Propane, H2, CNG, LNG, DEF and aircraft refueling sectors, our products have been popular for decades in the U.S. and Canada due to their exceptionally high quality and reliability.

In addition to distribution, our service also includes consulting and warehousing in order to offer customer-specific solutions.


Av. Dardo Rocha 2524, Piso 1°
Martinez (1640)
Buenos Aires / Argentina

Tel.:  +54 (11) 4836 3510
E-Mail: ventas.latinamerica@elaflex.com.ar

ELAFLEX LATIN AMERICA (Buenos Aires, Argentina): We are a proud member of the ELAFLEX/MannTek/Dantec family of companies around the world. We serve the 27 countries in Latin America, from Mexico in the north to Argentina in the south and including all countries in Central and South America, and the Caribbean. We offer the complete range of product oriented to the handling of fuels, gases and chemicals for an array of industries including gasoline service stations, the aviation industry, chemical and food processing industries, ports, railways, etc.

Main product lines include nozzles, hose, breakaways and sight glasses (both standard and for vapor recovery) for gasoline service stations, nozzles, hoses and couplings for the aviation industry, dispending accessories for ARLA-32 (AdBlue) implementation, dry disconnect couplings and breakaways for multiple industries including LPG and LNG, a wide range of rubber expansion joints for multiple applications, and a large variety of rubber and composite hoses.

ELAFLEX BRASIL Comercio, Importação e Exportação de Productos Industriais - EIRELI

Avenida Brigadeiro Luis Antonio,
Nº 300 8º andar sala 82
Bela vista, São Paulo-SP
Brasil - CEP 01318-903

Tel.: +55 11 4153-2171
Fax: +55 11 96030-4444
E-Mail: vendas.brasil@elaflex.com.ar

ELAFLEX BRASIL EIRELI (São Paulo, Brazil) is a daughter company of ELAFLEX Latin America. The company serves the Brazilian market and offers the complete range of ELAFLEX, MannTek and Dantec products including nozzles, hoses, couplings and flexible expansion joints for the transfer of petroleum and chemical liquids as well as sensitive media.

PTE Ltd.

Area Manager:
Patrick Velten
Singapore 278698

Mobile: +65 9 877 5664

ELAFLEX HIBY Asia-Pacific PTE Ltd. is a subsidiary of the ELAFLEX group.

Based in Singapore we take care of the Asian markets and represent the complete ELAFLEX product range. We are the direct contact for customers and end-users. Furthermore, we support our distributors in Asia. Together with them, we assist regarding technical questions and evaluation on-site.

ELAFLEX Representation
Office China

Area Manager:
Jing Fan
Room 1120
1101 South Pudong Road,
200120 Shanghai
P.R. China
Tel.: +86 21 505 414 54
Fax: +86 21 58 76 13 78

ELAFLEX Representation Office China is a subsidiary of the ELAFLEX group.

Based in Shanghai we take care of the Chinese market and represent the ELAFLEX product range of hoses and couplings as well as rubber expansion joints. We advise and inform our customers on technical content and evaluation on-site.


Unit 29 / 58 Box Road
Taren Point 2229
NSW, 2229 / Australia

Tel.: +61 2 8058 9258
Fax: +61 2 8058 9240
E-Mail: info@elaflex.com.au

ELAFLEX PACIFIC PTY LTD (Taren Point/Australia): From fruitful begins as the manufacturer of the GasGuard range of LPGas refueling nozzles, ELAFLEX PACIFIC is now also proudly responsible for the sales support and distribution of ELAFLEX products in the Pacific region, including Australia, New Zealand and the Pacific Islands. For the GasGuard product range we have a global distribution network in countries such as the USA, Canada, Argentina, UK, Germany, China and Hong Kong. We are also the exclusive distributor of the Swedish engineered MannTek LPGas and LNG equipment.

Specializing in LPGas and petrol station equipment, we also distribute the entire ELAFLEX range of nozzles, hoses, couplings and expansion joints into the local mining, chemical, food, pharmaceutical and aviation industries among others. With an experienced and dynamic team, ELAFLEX PACIFIC is renowned for excellent customer service and technical support, as well as prompt delivery. Our on-site LPGas facility and high pressure water pump allows us to pressure test and certify a range of ELAFLEX-Continental hose assemblies and expansion joints to industry requirements.

Oasis Engineering Limited

129 Birch Avenue
Tauranga, 3110
New Zealand

Tel.: +64 7 928 3808
Fax: +64 7 928 3809
E-Mail: info@oasisngv.com

Oasis is an internationally operating specialist for valves and couplings used in the compressed natural gas (CNG) industry.

The company has established a strong reputation as suppler of CNG components and systems for filling stations and gas delivery networks.

Oasis supplies standard products of their own design and customised or make-to-order engineering parts as required, to customers in over 40 countries.

MannTek (Hangzhou) Fluid Technology Co. Ltd

Unit 649-650, 6F, 5th BLK
Singapore Science & Technology Park
Hangzhou 310018
P.R. China

Tel.: +86 571 87695112-801
Fax: +86 571 87695113

MannTek China (Hangzhou) is a daughter company of Mann Teknik AB with headquarter in Mariestad, Sweden. The company was established in the year 2019 in order to serve the market in China.

The team has many years of experience in the Chinese market for Dry Disconnect Couplings and Safety Breakaway Couplings which are used for a clean and efficient transfer of petroleum based products, chemicals, liquid gases and cryogenic media.

Additionally they also commercialize the Elaflex product range of hoses and couplings as well as rubber expansion joints.